1:1 Personal Consulting

Who is this for? The woman who:

  • Loves to serve her family, business, and community
  • Rarely makes time for herself, leaving her soul underwhelmed
  • Is running hard and fast the race of life to keep up
  • Feels like something is missing, even though outwardly she has it all
  • Is going through a transition in life and needs a road map with next steps
  • Wants to take better care of herself but doesn’t know how or have the time
  • Wishes her unorganization didn’t leave her feeling frazzled
  • Knows she is made to live life more abundantly, but can’t get out of auto mode


Do any of these descriptions sound like you? I can help. Through personal one on one consulting with me, you will:

  • Evaluate how you are taking care of all areas of your health
  • Assess the struggles you are facing
  • Organize your daily schedule to incorporate self-care
  • Receive training on my ‘Roadmap to Destiny’ mindset map
  • Be given a library of resources tailored to your needs for self growth
  • Choose as many accountability follow up calls you need
  • Gain clarity on the exact steps you need to take in order to move forward
  • Grow in your spiritual perspective of your current situation
  • Remove doubt and despair by replacing it with confidence and hope
  • Feel lighter, happier, and excited for your future ahead

Your 1:1 consulting experience with take part in 3 sessions. The Discovery Call, The Strategy Call, and The Accountability Calls. Do something today that your future self with thank you for, and Book your Discovery Call with me now.


I believe this work is perfect for anyone

I believe this work is perfect for anyone willing to make a difference and a change in their life; a person who is striving to improve in any situation in their life.

Kelly R.

This is for everyone!

This is for everyone! I was just an unorganized mom in my life and as a wife. I was not there for my husband, but now my family is seeing the difference in me!

Evangelina G.

This is perfect for anyone looking to become a better version of themselves.

This is perfect for anyone looking to become a better version of themselves.


This would be great for the mom who feels stuck in a rut,

This would be great for the mom who feels stuck in a rut, knows she needs some positive change, but may feel so overwhelmed with her daily to do list that self care seems like an unattainable luxury. This would be perfect for the person who feels buried under the weight of the daily grind, who looks in the mirror and often wonders what happened to the woman who was once filled with passion for life. This is ideal for the woman who longs for a life filled with purpose and meaning, but has no idea where to begin to pursue the calling she feels buried deep inside her.

Jennifer A.

This work is for anyone who wants to dig a little deeper

This work is for anyone who wants to dig a little deeper into trying to become the best version of themselves. Far too often, we as women put everyone else’s needs ahead of ours. That selflessness is part of what makes us beautiful. However, if we aren’t careful, we will wear ourselves thin before we even know it. As I walked through this process with Paige, I discovered things about myself that I had suppressed and didn’t even realize it. Regardless if you think your marriage/life is perfect, or not, I think there are things that I learned through this that could help anyone, no matter what stage of life you are in.

Katheryn P.

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Magnolia Women

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Remember when Facebook was a place to connect only with people you knew? Strange ads didn’t pop up selling you on a product you just talked about in the kitchen when your phone was off. The word Covid wasn’t invented yet and people didn’t shame you for your political or religious opinions. We can all relate to Dorothy when she said, “Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” Scrolling through Facebook can feel like a drag some days seeing the weight of the world all in your feed. I want to invite you to come down the road, and sit with us on the front porch next to the magnolia tree. This place feels light, friendly, and encouraging. It feels like home, the way Dorothy felt when she returned to Kansas. Magnolia Women is a private, invite only group for women who are eager to grow in their spiritual faith, be encouraged to maintain a positive mindset, learn how to assess and balance emotions, and continue their commitment to physical health. The best of all, anyone can join for free! How does that sound to you?

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