The Rest of the Story

Life changed without warning. Seven weeks later, I was speaking at his funeral, signing legal papers, and inheriting a family business I never imagined would be mine.

I wished I had a manual for this transition in my life. Balancing grief, raising children, and learning a new business all at once felt like trying to swim the ocean with bricks tied to my feet. Through counseling, self-care, and a whole lotta Jesus, life felt lighter. Happier. More peaceful. Hope returned, but it was through maintaining intentional effort in managing myself.

I want to share with you what I’ve learned so you have a friend to guide you through your life transitions. You don’t need to walk through life alone when God uses people like me to learn from my own experiences and share it with you! Through 1:1 consulting with me, learning from my online course, and becoming a member of Magnolia Women, you can choose what is the best fit to get your feet moving in the right direction. I’m ready to chat with you about your story and who you want to become because of it.

Wait! There’s a lot more to my story than what you’ve read. Get to know me a little better because I bet we have more in common than you think!