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Doing good can be simple.  That’s what Chris Marlow, CEO and founder of Help One Now, believes.  Do Good.  Do Good Well.  Do Good Together.

helponenow-4Chris Marlow, CEO and founder of Help One Now, and author of Doing Good is Simple

(You can view his TedX Talk below!)


“Together”.  That’s where the ripple effect comes into play.  When we feel the nudge to help those in need, whether it’s with our prayers, our talents, or our resources…we might back down from the call because we discredit the influence that only one can make.  “How can my small donation change anyone’s world?” Truthfully, if you were the only one taking action…it wouldn’t be that beneficial.  BUT WAIT…if more people joined you, and a tribe of givers worked TOGETHER…that’s when the impact IS life changing! 

I learned about Help One Now after hearing my favorite BFF (I wish!), Jen Hatmaker, speak in 2014.  She wasn’t at the women’s retreat to talk about HON, but she briefly mentioned this orphan prevention organization that not only provides sponsorships for orphans, but comes alongside local leaders to help establish skill sets, sustainability in their village, and keep children with their parents before they become orphans due to poverty.  My ears perked up! I was in!

helponenow-2Jen Hatmaker, Author/Speaker/Help One Now Board Member

Using my savvy social media stalking skills, I found Chris Marlow’s and Help One Now’s Instagram accounts and commented until someone wrote me back 😉  This is where my friend Payton Junkin came into the story and has continued to be the lifeline to my connection with HON.

helponenow-3Payton Junkin, Director of Strategic Partnerships

Payton informed me about a small rural village in Pestel, Haiti that needed the most help at the time.  My husband and I committed to sponsoring two children from the village on a monthly basis.  Our financial resources help provide a steady income for food, educational tools, and necessities for the “double orphans”(no mother or father) in Pestel.  There are still children in this orphanage who need sponsors.  You can view more here.

This past weekend, Help One Now hosted “An Evening With Help One Now featuring Jen Hatmaker” in Raleigh, NC.  I had the honor to attend and brought some amazing women from my small group with me.  We are actually reading Jen Hatmaker’s book For The Love in our small group this semester.  “Excited to meet her” would be an understatement of our emotions.


Rachael, Noelle, Melissa, and I made it a girls’ getaway without the husbands or kids. 🙂 On the night of the dinner,  we got all ‘cute’ and crossed our fingers to get a chance to talk to Jen. Of course we were there to hear about HON….but JEN.  Enough said.  Upon entering the reception hall, I made a bee-line to the front tables to search for the “RESERVED” seats.  Because, DUH, that’s where Jen was going to be.  We found her name card and promptly claimed the table just behind her chair! Yes, we have no couth but tried to keep it cool on the outside. Haha! We were giddy school girls meeting our idol for crying out loud.

And then..there she was! (Hurry…take a selfie before someone sees us!)


We finally got up the guts to say hello.  We did just drive over 5.5 hours to get a chance to shake her hand…but she gave us so much more than that!  A warm smile, big hugs, and just the nodding of her head that made us feel like she knew where were coming from.  Because she DOES.  She’s been there, done that, and has the back tattoo to prove it:)  Such a free bird! She’s magical like that.


Jen Hatmaker…will you be my friend?  Or my big sister?  I’ll take either one! I’ll be a farmhand and care for your dog, Lady Bird.  I just need more of your honesty and freedom in my life.  Thank you for giving everyone one a piece of your time that night and for being who you are.  Kind, gracious, relatable, and genuine.  All of the qualities that women across the world have fallen in love with! You make us feel a little less crazy;)


My hilarious friend Rachael, in the orange dress, had me rolling! She hugged Jen Hatmaker and just rested her head on Jen’s chest like she was her mother, as Jen stroked her hair gently!  I was DYING!! Basically….that’s how much we love that woman!  Here’s a highlight reel from that evening and you will notice us chilling behind Jen’s table.

[vimeo 164598215 w=640 h=360]

Ok…so enough oohing and ahhing over our girl.  The REAL reason why we were there was to learn more about a new project Help One Now is starting in Peru…the building of

Kairos Village

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 4.14.19 PM

It will be a home for children who will be rescued from abusive and sexually exploitative situations. Kairos Village will provide counseling, comfort, love, and restoration. Children will have an opportunity to attend school, receive regular, nutritious meals, and will be given access to healthcare. They will also have a comforting family environment, with a house mother and 3-4 other rescued children in a safe and secure home.  You can read the full story here: 

You can also donate here:

You have a chance to be a part of the tribe, a part of a movement of individuals who put their faith into action.  As a collective group of churches, businesses, communities, and individuals from around the world, this tribe is dedicated to using their gifts, talents, and resources to help end extreme poverty, care for orphans, rescue slaves, and see communities transformed through their international partners. They actively sponsor kids, host garage sales to support initiatives, donate funds, participate in life-changing trips, advocate for the vulnerable, and much more.

Join me and many others in doing good.

“Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the cause of orphans. Fight for the rights of widows.” Isaiah 1:17


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