Day 43: Valentine’s Party

Feb 12, 2016 | 365 Project - 2016, Motherhood | 1 comment

Valentine’s parties at school are so sweet.  The love these children showed to each other in class today made my heart smile.  I was able to attend Avery’s Pirates and Princess themed Valentine’s Day celebration.  She was so beautiful until some mom jacked up her weird crown request at the face painting booth.  Did I mention I volunteered to paint faces today? Oh yea…I forgot to mention it for a reason;) Haha! In my defense, she asked for swirls around her eyes.  It looked like purple eyebrows.  So, adding a gemstone in the middle somehow made her not look so clownish.day43-1One of Avery’s best buddies at school is this cutie below.  She talks about all the funny things he does to make her laugh.  We all know they are crushing on each other, but she denies it. day43-2day43-3She has always been our affectionate child.  Her hugs go way beyond our home!day43-4day43-5day43-6Every princess needs a fabulous hair-do. day43-8We LOVE her 1st grade teacher!day43-9My favorite time of the day was watching her reactions as she opened each Valentine card from her friends.  She read the notes and thanked each person who gave her one. day43-10day43-11day43-12day43-13day43-14day43-15I won’t say who gave her THIS card (*cough*CRUSH BOY*cough*)….but she certainly was pleased. (enough to rub it against her face!)day43-16day43-17

Proverbs 17:17 “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is there for times of trouble.” 

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  1. Janice Tomberlin

    Loved this. Paige, this brought back so many memories of my sweet school days. I loved exchanging Valentine’s cards. I took every comment to heart and felt so special. Thanks, for letting me go back and enjoy a brief moment of a time that I will always hold so dear. Proverbs 17:17 is a perfect Valentine Gift from our wonderful Father, King and Redeemer.

    Janice Tomberlin


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