Who is Paige Ewing?

The short version –

I’m a transitional life strategist who customizes daily schedules for women to implement practical habits in order to maintain healthy self-care so they can better serve their families, businesses, and communities. My passion and mission is to see women thriving in their spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health so they can embrace the transitions they are experiencing in life with strength and joy.

That’s not all!

I’m a mom to two beautiful daughters, Avery and Charlotte, and a wife to Michael since 2005. We live outside of Atlanta, Georgia where we love watching our girls play softball, cheer, compete in pageants, and fight over their favorite seat at the kitchen island. I’m a self-recovering Cheez-Its addict who is obsessed with old southern houses and The Rock.

The Whole Story –

I was born in West Monroe, Louisiana (yes, where Duck Dynasty was filmed)! My mom was a speech therapist and my dad was a 3rd generation employee of the family’s farming business. This is unlike any farm you know. It’s a cricket farm! Armstrong’s Cricket Farm is the world’s largest cricket and worm breeding and wholesale farm in the world. It began in 1947 in my great-grandfather’s garage in Glennville, Georgia.

My childhood was full of wonderful memories with my two younger siblings and hard working parents. Summer days were filled with us playing outside, chasing our neighborhood friends on our roller-blades, building forts in the woods, and coming home when we heard mom or dad whistle loudly. We ended the night piled in the living room together laughing at Will on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Mr. Wilson hiding behind the fence on Home Improvement.

One day, my dad came home and told us we were moving to Glennville, Georgia to take over the original cricket farm there. I nervously began 7th grade at a small private Christian school in a new town with only two red-lights and lot of sweet onion fields. It was during these middle and high school years when my faith and relationship with Jesus Christ grew stronger. I poured myself into school and cheerleading where I proudly excelled. You could say I was a perfectionist to a fault, and didn’t realize this dedication to my craft was forming my identity. My worth came from my accomplishments and the praise from my parents, especially my dad.

College came and went. One month after graduating with a B.A. in Mass Communication, I said “I Do” to Michael. We were so grown up, or so we thought. Since I decided not to pursue a career in broadcast journalism so I could get married sooner, my jobs varied over the next 10 years. I worked for a Christian cheerleading company, taught Language Arts, coached cheerleading, and eventually stayed at home with my children. That’s when I opened my photography business, Paige Ewing Photography. It was thriving as I served countless families and married couples for 7 years.


It was then, at a pre-school photography day, that everything changed from a single text message. “He has stage 4 cancer.” It was my dad, the 3rd generation cricket farmer, who passed away just 7 shorts weeks later and left the family business to me and my sister.

Changes. Transitions. Grief.
Confusion. Exhaustion.

My life as I knew it was never the same. I had a choice. Fight the changes and resist moving forward from the life I was comfortable with, or surrender my comfort zone and embrace the new normal.

I zipped up my camera bag and moved forward as the 4th generation owner of a family business I never knew would be mine. Unsure of how to navigate the new waters and realizing I had no control of certain circumstances, I focused on what I could control.

Myself. My self-care. My mind. My emotions. My health. My relationship with God. Through implementing specific habits and changing the pathways in my brain of how I formally thought, I was able to thrive through a season of turmoil and come out stronger than what I was before.

It’s my passion to teach you the same tools, give you the same resources, and guide you through your transitions, too. What are you waiting on, friend? Let’s get started!