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The year is not over yet, and you possess the power to make it what you want. Sure your hands are dirty, but it’s up to you to rise up to the challenge and get back in the game. Welcome to the 4th Quarter, baby. We don’t quit until the buzzer sounds.

You’ve got the grit and I’ve got the strategy. Hi! I’m Paige Ewing – your transitional life strategist, my kids’ Mama, Michael’s wife, and a woman who decided years ago to reclaim ownership of defining my own life regardless of how crazy hard a single year could be. Taking the training from being a competitive athlete and coach while combining it with practical life strategies, I’ve created a winning game plan to help us finish this year strong!


The #4thQTRchallenge is a 12 week commitment to intentionally living every day with a purpose of improving your mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and relational health.

  • Do I have to go on a diet? -NO
  • Do I have to workout every day? -NO
  • Do I have to pay a membership fee? – NO
  • Do I get the gift to be coached, guided, and encouraged? – YES
  • Do I get the privilege of an accountability community? – YES
  • Do I get the blessing of self-care so I can better care for others? – YES


Here’s how the challenge works. You have 12 weeks (starting Oct. 5 and ending Dec. 27) to focus on a specific habit every day for that week. The catch: it builds on top of itself. What you do every day in week one will continue into week two, as you now focus on 2 habits. As the weeks add up, so do your habits. By the end of 2020, you will have developed a lifestyle routine that NO MATTER what 2021 has to offer, you know how to transition and take care of yourself, resulting in an overflow of service into your family and community.

  • WEEK 1: “Attitude of Gratitude” – write down three things you are grateful for in 2020.
  • WEEK 2: “Speak Life” – stop yourself when you complain or grumble, and replace it with LIFE giving words/ mantra through writing and speaking.
  • WEEK 3: “Living Water” – replace sugar drinks/carbonated drinks /alcohol with water. One caffeine drink a day is the goal, while getting 64oz of water.
  • WEEK 4: “Body is a Temple” – exercise 5 days for at least 30 mins.
  • WEEK 5: “Bread of Life” – assess emotional eating and substitute it with drinking water, breathwork, stretching, journaling, or praying.
  • WEEK 6: “Sun Up/Screen Down”– practice a morning routine and bedtime routine with 30 mins of no screen time from when the alarm sounds.
  • WEEK 7: “Renew Your Mind” – set aside 20 mins of growth for your mind and spirit. Ex: read bible, podcast, meditate, journal. 
  • WEEK 8: “Phone a Friend”– text, call, write, or message a friend every day this week to check in and uplift.
  • WEEK 9: “Tidy Time” – purge a space in your house every day this week (either your desk, junk drawer, pantry, closet, or full basement)
  • WEEK 10: “Kid at Heart”– revisit what you loved as a kid (art, dance, sports, music) and plan a time this week to enjoy it.  
  • WEEK 11: “Letter To Me” – write to your current self from the future. Envision the life you dream of 20 years from now and every day write to your current self from your future self. Give yourself encouragement , speak of promises of hope , and thank your current self for all the choices you are making now and will make to allow your future self success and happiness. 
  • WEEK 12: “It is Better to Give”– give endless love, hugs, calls, gifts, time, talents and mostly, give yourself the gift of SELF-CARE!


If you read this and are thinking, BRING IT ON, then join me now for the #4thQTRchallenge!

Click “I’M READY” below to reclaim your 2020.

Need a little more information before you throw your helmet on? I understand. Here’s the play-by-play:

  • Weekly emails from me explaining that week’s challenge focus
  • Bi-monthly virtual video chats for support and accountability
  • Need a friend and teammate to join you? Text them this link!

Do you feel a little better about joining us in the #4thQTRchallenge? You will never regret putting in the work! See you Oct. 5!

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    So exited to join!


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